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Please could Google improve advert analysis?

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I keep falling foul of poor Google's advert analysis. Once I appeal I am always approved but it is real pain to have to do so.


I work in helping ADHD adults and run educational events and provide coaching. I don't sell cures or medications but if my advert mentions a medication (as in this months talk on how diagnosis is performed in the UK) I am  lumped in with pharmacies and asked for a licence.


I understand that Google needs to approve ads automatically but is there a better way than constantly disapproving then reapproving ads once human "intelligent" analysis is complete??





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September 2015

Re: Please could Google improve advert analysis?

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Hi Andrew and welcome,


There really isn't an easy fix for this kind of situation. The automation of the ad approvals is getting better all the time but for some industries like yours, this kind of thing will probably happen quite a bit.


It would be silly for Google to add domains to any kind of whitelist for the pharma type keywords because in the future they have no idea what it will be doing and could make it easy for them to bypass certain policies.


The best thing to do is plan ahead and get the ads in for approval early so if you do have issues, they can be resolved before you need it live.