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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Hi at Google,


I received a message some time ago saying that
my Google account was suspended. T
he thing is,
I have not advertised in Adwords in over 3 years!
How can this be!? I kindly ask you to please do a

review on my account, and please, unsuspend it
since this was definitely a mistake of some sort.
If I'd have been advertising in Adwoords and I'd
have broken the rules, definitely it is justifiable.
But I have not advertised at all in over 3 years,

which is a lot of time, nor broken rules, either.
So please, I ask you to reconnect my account.

This could had definitely just been a mistake.





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Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Hi Richard,
I'd start here -

AdWords can suspend your account for MANY reasons, even if you have not been advertising lately. I'd go through that and try to diagnose the issue yourself.

Right now, we cannot help because you have not provided the URL of your site, the landing pages you are using or the message that you got off Google. If you'd like to provide them, we may be able to assist more.

Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Hi Dave,


I appreciate really much your response. I have gone into the link you gave me

and review it well. Honestly, to my knowledge, I have been as good as I could
in terms of respecting all your Google policies. The only thing I can think of is;
once I did a YouTube video which got cancelled (I thought it was relevent to a

search querie but maybe it wasn't as much, someone in Google disapproved).
But the thing is... I kept using Adwords for a long, long time after that, I mean
years and years. I stopped using Adwords, from 3 years ago, since I opened
a quality marketing agency, --->, and we use our
Adwords accounts. As a matter of fact, Dave, I have brought a lot of
to Google by now. I'm baffled by my personal account suspension.

I also have been active since in launching fine, content-driven sites to get
high brand recognition. This is an important direction I am undertaking and
so far I have been accepted to Taboola's content-suggestion network, one
which services high-traffic recognized sites like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC,
the New York Post, Slate, and many thousands more with its well known
"Around The Web" widget which suggest only high quality content. As a
matter of fact, content suggestion ( or content recommendation) engines
like Taboola and Outbrain (I am about to use Outbrain, too) are so highly
successful in doing this that Google is seriosuly beefing up in this area
and can't ignore the power of the content-suggestion engines anymore.

If you want a copy of the email I received from them, just request this.
Here's just one of the sites I have:  -->

which was launched recently. More are in development, coming soon.


This site, and all that are coming, are of the same high quality in terms
of content that is relevant and truly valuable to a visitor. The quality will

be consistent, be assured. Naturally, it would  be great to add to each
post in this, and in every other website I am currently working on, your
Adsense box. There is no need for a landing page here, it's all content.
Meditate for a moment on this, Dave. I am serious about high quality
traffic from the 2  best content-suggestion networks, all of it US traffic.
Do you want to close an account on me that can bring love to Google?
Better to establish a new relationship between us, I say, and starting
hopefully immediately for the good of all concerned. It is all positive.

Below is the email I received from Google, which I consider a mystery.

A brand builder should not be suspended. I am a brand builder today,
one who definitely works hard at giving great content. I value a visitor
and the content he gets, as much as Google does. In all reality,  we
have the same goals in mind. This is why I'm appealing to your good
and fair judgement. Let's move forward, I suggest, work it positively.






Hello AdWords Advertiser,

Your AdWords account has been suspended because it doesn't comply with our Advertising Policies and our AdWords Terms and Conditions. Please note that this means your account and any related accounts have been suspended, you can't create any new accounts, and your ads will no longer run on Google, our search partners, or on Display Network placements.

If this is an error, we want to get your account back up and running as quickly as possible, and your Google team is here to help. Here's the account:

Customer ID: xxxxxxxxxx

To learn more about AdWords suspension policies, please visit

If you have a prepaid balance remaining in your account, you can request a refund at any time by following the instructions at

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that doesn't accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. If you'd like to reach us, you can contact us through the methods described at

The Google AdWords Team

Your AdWords account number: xxxxxxxxxx

Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Richard, in looking at your marketing agency site... Some of the services that you offer might be what got you in trouble in the first place. Such as blog commenting, Google +1 Likes, etc... All meant to game the search engines.

So I would advice to really think about your business model. I believe Google doesn't approve of this sort of things.

Good luck though.

Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Hi Edgar,

I appreciate your input, but I need to clear something, really,
since it is somewhat misguided.., What you say is a disease.
In no way do we intend to game the search engines. We do
not do what every other low-level marketing agency does.
We specialize in delivering well written, fine content to our
clients' sites, offering real value to the visitor, which is what
also justifies commenting on blogs, Google+ and the rest.
We only get high marks from our many clients for doing it
and not one Google account has been in any way affected.
We simply do not incur in anything that would not please
the search engines. This is a needed service for clients who
do not take time to write content to connect with client.

Just needed to clear this up.

Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Community Manager
Thank you for posting on our forum. In order to protect your personal privacy, we have removed your CID from the post.

Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Hi Richard,

I'm just telling you from a customer's perspective. Going to your site it doesn't make me feel "trust" your services. Don't get me wrong, the website is nicely done. But I think it lacks the "trustworthiness" --- And I think you should take this as a positive criticism so you can improve upon it.

For example, you have showcase all these services: video testimonials, link building, digg votes...etc... but you don't provide any proof of your recent work, you don't show any past clients... you provide "testimonials", but can you provide a link to their website.

And your About Us is only a paragraph short. Can you show pictures of your team? Maybe talk more about your company... And what about your Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Service...?

Anyways, just my thoughts man. Good luck.

Re: Please Review and Unsuspend My Account.

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Hey Mariachis,

Great input, I really appreciate it. Always good to hear feedback on how to improve. As it is, though, our main goal is not to generate more business in these services, but less. I know it sounds strange but we are moving ahead into content marketing of our own sites. It takes more long-term planning but it is a fine direction . As of now we are stepping up with this as to build certain brands that people will trust. We estimate the web services is definitely not our main focus as to spend more time on it. We have done enough with this, indeed.