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Phone Number Being Disapproved In Legacy Campaigns?

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I've noticed a few ads being disapproved recently due to the relevance, clarity and accuracy policy and am not 100% sure what is causing it but have an idea that I'd like some confirmation on if possible.


I know phone number are not allowed in the ads of the enhanced campaigns but I think that this policy is gradually moving across to legacy campaigns as well.


The only ads that had been disapproved for this policy were in legacy campaigns and did have phone numbers in the ad copy. Not all the ads with phone numbers were disapproved, just a majority of them which makes me think it's a slow roll out of the policy into the legacy campaigns, giving people a bit of time to change their ads.


The 3rd bullet point in the Relevance, clarity and accuracy policy does state


"Phone numbers and vanity phone numbers can't be used anywhere in ad text or in a sitelinks extension because doing so is confusing to users who might be expecting to be led to a call session as opposed to a website. To let customers call you directly from your ad, use call extensions instead."


There is no mention of the campaign type.


Has anyone else noticed this in legacy campaigns?

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Re: Phone Number Being Disapproved In Legacy Campaigns?

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You are correct. That was a "silent" announcement by Google on the Policy change log; Unless you follow Policy changes ( who does?) - you missed it'


A few blogs posted complaints about the not having a public announcement on the Adwords blog.


I recall seeing an earlier announcement and talking with a colleague (from the Hebrew forum) that it was coming; but I can't find;

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Re: Phone Number Being Disapproved In Legacy Campaigns?

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It actually was in the Enhanced Campaigns Upgrade Guide as well, though only mentioned in passing within a paragraph (it's at the bottom of page 11).  I recall seeing somewhere else that Disapprovals in Legacy Campaigns would begin before the Enhanced Campaign enforced conversions.  Can't remember exactly where though, sorry.



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