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Pharma - is automated approval broken?

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Hoping someone can help


We are a UK based Pharmacy , Google Certified  as a Pharmacy, long time Google advertiser and are experiencing problems with certain products being disapproved but in a really inconsistent fashion.

For example, for an over the counter non prescription  pet medicine the small and large sizes are allowed but the medium size is "Disapproved or Invalid".


When we ask why we have been told the following:


Summary of Findings

I took a look at the products you specified in your email and, unfortunately, at this time, it seems that those products are actually being disapproved due to the automated systems we have in place on our end, and we are unable to manually override these types of disapprovals at this point--essentially everything you have already been told is correct and still current. We understand that this is an issue affecting your account, as well as other accounts, and that our technical and engineering teams are diligently working on providing a fix for these sorts of issues. However, at this point I do not have an expected date by which the issue will be resolved, but I have confidence that the team is actively working on this. 


Next steps              

In my experience, I have seen some people have success with submitting the disapproved products with a brand new item ID, title, and description, so as to refresh the product in Merchant Center, so you may want to attempt this as a potential workaround (it sounds like you've tried the item ID, so I'd suggest trying title and description as well) although, as you can see from the forum, it isn't a guaranteed fix. 


We have tried the above advice about making changes and re-submitting with a new Item ID  (even though it seems wrong) but to no avail.


We have then asked our rep who came back with:


Unfortunately I don't have good news regarding the disapproved products for your Shopping Campaign - I flagged the several examples with the Shopping Policy Team that were being rejected for you but not competitors. These have been over flagged as the system is trying to be as cautious as possible. These were auto disapproved for pharma which means unfortunately no means to submit them for a review for you here


This has been ongoing for some months now and is becoming very frustrating as other advertisers are not affected and there doesn't seem to be any means of appeal


So has anyone else seen this problem and if so any idea when it will be fixed? Or any other advice would be most welcome right now








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Re: Pharma - is automated approval broken?

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Hi John,


I totally hear you and your frustrations with this issue.


But yes, this is an ongoing technical issue that our engineers are aware of and are working on a resolution. I will update this thread when I hear back from the engineering team. Until then, I can only suggest you to retry the workaround! 


Thanks for your patience,


Re: Pharma - is automated approval broken?

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Hi Mini

Many thanks for the reply.
I will retry the workaround and report back



Re: Pharma - is automated approval broken?

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Hi John. I've had the same problem too and have submitted multiple feeds with different descriptions etc. etc. etc.

At this point, I'm literally considering not putting any description at I said in my other thread about this issue, the fact that Google cannot manually override is a bit troubling. I think it should be scary for Google as well since they have been "fighting" with their software/hardware for weeks now and still cannot get it to cooperate.

I -like you- am complying to Editorial guidelines (and the irony is that my competitors who are still up and running do not have NABP approval) and it is frustrating that my account has been somehow flagged...perhaps it is due to the NABP approval?? Not sure but this should be a wake up call for Google. This brush with "Singularity" should scare the heck out of them.

No end in sight as far as I know.