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Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Ads Suspended Due To Site Suspension

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I have been running ad campaign for a personal trainer and boot camp business for over 1 year and since last Thursday the campaign stopped due to site suspension and the message said

This ad is not running because it points to a URL that has been suspended for site policy. Please review our landing page policies and make the appropriate updates to your website to start triggering this ad again.
Ad policies
Misleading or unrealistic promotions

I have also looked up and can't seem to find what exactly is the issue for suspension as there are no false claims or promotions that I can see on the site and everything was just running fine.


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Re: Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Ads Suspended Due To Site Suspension

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"Include links to third-party verification and/or include relevant and noticeable disclaimers when testimonials and endorsements imply that results are typical."

Google's bots report find any websites that mention weight loss and a time frame, and sites then get manually reviewed.

As long as the weight loss results are only in testimonial form, your site is OK. But you must have a disclaimer that explains that results are not typical can can vary according to diet and exercise etc... The disclaimer should be on the same page as the testimonials and in the same font size as the rest of them page. All mentions of results should have an asterisk, so that people will look for the disclaimer below.

Once you have changed your site, asked for it to be reviewed here:

Re: Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Ads Suspended Due To Site Suspension

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Hello Ashkay!


I understand how this is confusing. I have had a clients site in the same vertical (weight loss) and I will try to help point you in the right direction so you can take action to get the suspension lifted. First, know that you are not alone, and that many sites related to weight loss are facing increased scrutiny from google and many sites within weight-loss vertical (30k+ in 2015) are getting suspended for "misleading or unrealistic promotions".


First, to clear up your confusion, know that this policy doesn't just cover false claims, but also covers atypical exceptional results which may be highlighted in the site.


While I haven't carefully examined every page of your site, I can see some issues you definitely will want to fix as they are definitely things that I had to to fix for my client in order to get their site suspension lifted.


1. Disclaimers - I see you have several testimonials in a slider on your homepage highlighting the weight loss of certain individuals, as well as a "success stories" page. According to Google, having these testimonials can be misleading since not everyone who works with that personal trainer/attends the bootcamp will see similar results. Therefore, you should add *asterisks* after the text of each testimonial and then add a disclaimer stating that the results are not typical.


  • Heres an example from the "Results" page:
    Josie lost 13.5cm and 7.1kg in ONLY 8 weeks on our Shape-up Challenge.*
    *Results may vary. Best results are achieved by combining diet and exercise as recommended by your Personal Trainer

Be sure to add disclaimers each time you make a claim or highlight a case using a testimonial. They do not have to be huge text size, but don't make the disclaimer so small its unreadable.


2. Be careful when you promise any results using a time factor, like "lose 20lbs. in 8 weeks". Since some people might take 10 or 12 weeks to lose 20lbs, Google could and sometimes does consider this to be misleading or unrealistic. If you really want to state a time factor, be sure to use disclaimers same way as with the testimonials.


3. Make sure that you search for these issues and correct on every page of your site, and that the site does not link to other sites which Google might consider as having "Misleading or Unrealistic" promotions

Once you make these changes, I would advise you to fill out the form found here:


Hope This Helps!

Re: Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Ads Suspended Due To Site Suspension

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Promoting of weight loss must be in accordance with the acceptable common scientific approach - that is a moderate diet and exercise. All testimonials must be verified.
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