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Payday Lending Companies Australia

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ASIC defines a payday lender as 


  • Define small amount contracts as 1 year or less, keeping the amount as $2000 or less;
  • Cap costs for loans under $2000 to a maximum of 20 % of the amount of credit upfront and 4 % for each month of the loan;

Google ring fences payday lenders and forces them to use the words "Payday" in their creatives. How does Google decide who a payday lender is?

You can see companies such as Cash Converters and Cash Train have been ring fenced yet companies such as Nimble haven't.


Is it just a case that Google hasn't caught up with them to ring fence them yet?


iRe: Payday Lending Companies Australia

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Hi Tom,


Interesting situation. I won't claim any authority on the situation, but will offer some potential insight. It may simply be a case that they still have to be 'ring fenced' or they may be exempt for some reason, Perhaps they are targeting countries without the restrictions and have now only recently expanded to countries that do.


That being said, is this an issue for your business? how is this effecting you? would you like help on a specific issue?

Re: iRe: Payday Lending Companies Australia

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I am interested in targeting countries that do not have restrictions using keywords that pertain to AdWords "gambling" category. or-NOT using keywords if that would actually help to get the ads approved. Any info. about this would be great....could this topic's question be a keyword problem? And what is "ring-fenced"? So the services and products offered fall-under the category of "payday"-lending as defined by Ad Words, and that is why they are forced to include it? I'm having the same kind of problem trying to find a friendlier country to use AdWords in so watching this topic-thanks