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Payday Advertiser Clearly Circumventing Policy.

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Hello - I run a small loan web site and I have noticed that a search for "wonga" (exact match) clearly shows the advertiser advertising their 3 month flexi product - however it is very easy to navigate from that page (via "how to apply" text link at the bottom of the page and then clicking the logo) back to the homepage which offers loans of 1 to 35 days.  This is clearly not allowed according to the payday policy -


"We want to protect our users from deceptive or harmful financial products. We do not allow the promotion of:

Personal loans which require repayment in full in 60 days or less from the date the loan is issued (we refer to these as “Short-term personal loans”). This policy applies to advertisers who offer loans directly, lead generators and those who connect consumers with third-party lenders."


There are also a number of comparison sites advertising via adwords who include the wonga 3 month product in their loan comparison tables.  As I understand it this should also not be allowed as a consumer could easily click through to and apply for a payday loan from these sites.


Am I missing something?  Why is this apparently allowed?  It seems a bit like a case of different rules for those with deeper pockets.




*edit - it is actually possible to navigate to the payday option simply by clicking the link to the help section at the top right of the page and then clicking the logo which takes you back to the homepage ( where the default offering is the payday product.  In my opinion this will likely lead to a lot of visitors who click the "3 month" Adwords ad mistakenly applying for a payday loan which I am guessing is exactly what the policy is supposed to prevent!!


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Re: Payday Advertiser Clearly Circumventing Policy.

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Hi Alice,

You can use this form to report ads to Google which you think violate Google's policies:

I hope that helps!


Re: Payday Advertiser Clearly Circumventing Policy.

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Thanks John - Unfortunately, and as per my other post here I do not see the option there for "Ad violates other policy". I thought I was going mad but my colleague doesn't see it either!


Re: Payday Advertiser Clearly Circumventing Policy.

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 Hi Alice


Thanks for bringing this up - I noticed it as well and will be reporting it as soon as I've finished this post. I noticed @MosheTLV discussing the updated policy here.  @MosheTLV - would you mind taking a look and giving your opinion or possibly pointing the Google policy team to this post in case they are interested in stopping it.


To give you more detail - this advert click string:


Takes you to this url: From this page you are only two clicks away from getting a 1 to 35 day loan that is banned by adwords policy.


This image shows them offering me a 1 - 35 day loan two clicks after clicking their adwords advert:




Also, if that is violating policy then surely this aggregation site that includes wonga in its comparison table is also violating the policy as you are only 3 clicks away from getting a banned loan from their adwords advert too:


Many thanks