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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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PLZ READ IT CAREFULLY Big Companies Screwing Small Companies

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Hi Guys

I would like you all to understand one simple thing that BIG FISH always eat small fish and that's what exactly is happening to all small tech support like us. I'll give you a very simple example why more then 5600 companies are closed due to the new policy changes. Small Company is A and Big Company is B so A company is trying to earn money for the hard work but Company B is trying to eat us bby creating a 2nd adwords account using our website landing pages to create an ad first they wait for approve the ads on adwords account then they starting paying a small amount of 5k to run company A free advertisement but to ensure that we do not know what is going on they add our homepage landing pages on the company B adwords account then they make changes to ads by adding Brand Name on the Ads or tollfree number which is not acceptable by google policy and what they do is send an email to comapny B bogas adwords account notification but they keep ignoring it as a result Company B adwords account is suspended and Company A account is also suspended due to the same domain address So Big FISH eat the US/CA/AU/UK market all alone. Try your self and call adwords and try to ask them a simple question can they give us the information how many account is created under one domain they know but they simply say NO to you (small companies like us). google policy Called ''ARBITRAGE'' . Guys NO Inbound call centre can survive like this until google understand the problem but they dont want to understand it I tried a lot. but I cannot do it all alone. We all have to fight together and make Google understand to create a Mechanism wherin they should make every adword account to first verified by Domain Provider like Godaddy for example to verifiy if the adwords user has a right to create adwords account associated with domain or not Only then it will help us.

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Re: PLZ READ IT CAREFULLY Big Companies Screwing Small Companies

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Hi there, 


We have longstanding policies against ads, websites, and businesses that appear to be generally deceptive or misleading to our users. The primary concern of this space is our user’s safety. Per the User Safety Policy, we do not allow businesses that we feel may pose a harm to our users.


We take many factors into consideration when assessing User Safety compliance. Our review is extensive and we cover a number of areas to ensure we are reaching an accurate conclusion. In many cases these issues are not fixable, as the fundamentals of the business itself is the primary concern. As always, you can contact support via email or submit a suspension appeal here.  


Thanks for your cooperation,