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PLA's not approved because I do not take online payments

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I have been using Adwords since 2008, and I have recently tried to set up PLA's for my products.


My PLA's have been rejected because I do not take online payments using a SSL Certificate. The reason for this is that it makes no sense for me to take payments online as my products weigh 80 - 200kg, and are not shipped door to door using a courier or postal service. Therefore the customer has several different options when it comes to freight, which CANNOT be simplified down to a simple matrix. (There are 6 pages of freight information on the site, so freight is not hidden and customers generally know what they are up for)


So, since 2006 we have offered online ordering (using a shopping cart) and we then discuss freight options and delivery schedules with customers who then pay us either by internet banking, credit card or cheque. 


According to Google Merchant however this is a breech of Terms of Service and Google Shopping Policies. 


1. I think this is absurd.


2. The only way I can think of getting around this is to set up a separate website to send PLA's to. This will be an inferior version of my current website, and will result in reduced "customer experience" as my checkout line will have to say - "Hey pay me now, and I'll just send you another bill later for the freight component - trust me".


3. I have spoken to the help desk and they have been most helpful but do not know any way to approve my account.


I'm really at a loss over this because I think my products would do very well with PLA's as they are visually very distince from products sold by competitors. Does anyone have an ideas as to how I can proceed?

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Re: PLA's not approved because I do not take online payments

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Hi Douglas,


Thanks for the post. The "accepting online payments" is one of Google's shopping policies and we have these for the benefit of the user. I can pass along the feedback for you. 

Re: PLA's not approved because I do not take online payments

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I can accept that it may be a policy of Google, but it is of no benefit to my customers.

Online payments are required because it is a benefit to the user - this may be true if the user is looking for a $30 book, but what if the customer is looking at a $2000 water tank? Expecting a customer to pay online for a water tank (without having delivery and installation information which is dependent on access to the premises rather than a zip code) is not of benefit to the customer.

Therefore, assuming that Google is comfortable that the seller is a legitimate business, Google needs to offer a way of opening up PLA's to businesses which cannot meet the online payments clause.

Just my thoughts.

Re: PLA's not approved because I do not take online payments

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Thanks for the info