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Our Adwords suspended while competitors sites are all over the place.

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Type in the search term "microtech knives". Now look at all of the sponsored results. WE were suspended over 2 years ago and I accepted it because our competitors were eventually removed as well, now they are back but WE are still suspended. 


If our competitors are allowed to advertise the same items we were suspended for AdWords is unfairly, illegally and negligently undermining our ability to fairly compete.


If these actions continue we will have no choice than to file a multi count lawsuit against Google and adwords.


AdWords has been notified on NUMEROUS occasions so I can only assume they are aware and just don't care.


Please police your AdWords accounts and follow your own rules or be prepared to explain why in court as well as to various government agencies.


All we are asking for is a fair shot at doing business.

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Re: Our Adwords suspended while competitors sites are all over the pla

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Community Manager

Hi Nick, 


I totally hear your frustration but please be assured that Google AdWords is a fair player in it's policy enforcement. That said, if you'd like to file a complaint about an ad or a business you are most welcome to do so via this link


What users need to understand in general is that each advertiser's business is different and each website is different. If the products sold on a website come under any one of the policy violations, policy rule is surely enforced. Just as a reference, the policy around knives states: 


Knives that are designed or promoted as products that can be used to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense, or combat
 - Any knife design that provides a confrontational advantage (including disguised appearance or assisted-opening mechanism).  Examples: Switchblades, tactical knives, fighting knives, sword-canes, balisongs, military knives, push daggers, throwing axes.


If you have further legal queries, please feel free to email


Hope that helps.




Re: Our Adwords suspended while competitors sites are all over the pla

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If you can share your website URL we can have a look
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