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Non-standard punctuation - Non standard characters

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Hi all ,

I would like to know why I receive this error : " Non standard characters keyword "

my words containing turkish alphabets : " online parfüm satış‎ " is it the reason ?  what's the solution ?

also I have this error for keywords : " Non-standard punctuation "

I'm confused !! 

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September 2015

Re: Non-standard punctuation - Non standard characters

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Hey Aref,


For better user experience, all the ads which we are running on AdWords must pass through Editorial standards


Possible reasons : 

1. Non-standard punctuation - You might be using exclamation twice

2. Non-standard : ellipses, superscripts are not allowed


If you feel your Ad is not violating the policy, contact the customer support to solve the issue.



Shafi Ahamed

Re: Non-standard punctuation - Non standard characters

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Hi, Shafi 

I think it's better if I write my ad here so you can figure out the reason better :

Headline : online parfüm satış‎

Description line 1: orijinal kadın ve erkek parfümleri

Description line 2: ücretsiz kargo!

Display URL:

Destination URL:


Error :  Non-standard punctuation. 


also this error for the keywords that it seems the problem is "online parfüm satış‎"

  • Keywords cannot contain non-standard characters like: ! @ % , *
    • online parfüm satış‎


Re: Non-standard punctuation - Non standard characters

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Hi Aref,

It would be best to contact customer support by phone. I don't speak Turkish but from what I can see those characters are not special at all - they are just common characters in the Turkish language.

The local AdWords team must know how to deal with such issues. If the ads are conforming, then they would approve them manually.

Since people here don't speak Turkish, there can be only speculations about what is wrong with the ad. The fastest way to get anything done in AdWords is by phone Smiley Happy


Re: Non-standard punctuation - Non standard characters

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Hi Aref

Since your ad is in Turkish and you are I am assuming advertising in English speaking country it is normal to have that error since these countries do not speak turkish this will be non standard character.
I am not sure where you are advertising. If you are advertising in Turkish speaking country then your campaign shout be set in for example country Turkey and language should be Turkish as selected options.This error will not appear then because google will set language as Turkish.
Now if you want to advertise in English speaking country you may want to consider making them as similar to English as possible for example "online parfüm satış" could be converted closely to "online parfum satıs". THe character error should not appear with this fix.

Lets tackle the non standard punctuation now, this will happen if you have any punctuation like ! , extra space between letters,'," and other punctuations in your ad. You will have to remove these and your ad should work.
Hope this helps!

P.S just realized the question was posted in 2014 I hope you got your response by now.