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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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No clear reason - adwords account suspended again

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Dear Ujjwal,

In order to run my business, I craeted a whole new website trying to follow each and every policy as google advised. However, after all my efforts, my account got suspended again and the reason being the same as usual - repeated violations of user safety policy. I do not understand the reason again and I am pretty sure the poor google employees also have no idea what's going on. I do not blame them as they are too scared about all this. But coming back to the policies, this is what I did-
-I mentioned the price of each service on all the landing pages and ofcourse there is an additional plans and packages page.
-My campaigns are strictly associated with virus removal and computer repair which is not free by any means.
-I have clearly mentioned that we are a third party and the consumers can contact the manufactureres if they want.
-I have not used any logos or trademark symbols on my website.
-I have also mentioned the disclaimer and the privacy policy on all the pages of my website.
-I have not used any number in my ads.
-My ads are purely generic in nature. None of them says HP, Canon or any other third party for that matter.
-The contact information including company name, email, phone number, physical address is all mentioned on the website, that too, on all the pages.
-All the pages say how our company works. In fact, there is an additional page a user can click to read the entire procedure.

This is what I could understand by the user safety policy and my efforts to follow them right. But my account has been suspended again. It's the same old email I received from Google which I assume you very well know. I am tired now. Since, Google employees are not sure what exactly needs to be done, I am looking for some advice from external sources.

This is my website


Please help!!


Tired Person

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Re: No clear reason - adwords account suspended again

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Google Employee

Hi Akanksha,


Thank you for your posting. Please understand that Google is not targetting any specific industries. As has been mentioned in previous posts related to account suspension, any Advertiser or website that violates Google's User Safety Policy can have their account suspended.


In your post you indicated that you had created a whole new website to follow our policies. If you believe that your website complies with all our policies, you do have the option to submit a suspension appeal here


Fyi. In order to protect your personal privacy, we advise you to remove your company website from the post. You can use the Edit Post button in the upper right corner to remove the URL.

Re: No clear reason - adwords account suspended again

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Hi John,

With due respect, I was expecting a reply from Ujjawal M on this forum as he looked like a person who could help me. However, as you have taken out time to reply, I would like to inform you that I have received this response in the form of an email from Google already.
You must have misunderstood me. I never mentioned in my post that Google had targeted any specific industry. What I am trying to figure out is where am I going wrong. No one in Google has been able to answer my question and I am tired of receiving Google's permanent template as a reply. Hence, I am looking for help from people OUTSIDE Google.

Expecting a reply from people experienced in technical support industry.