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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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NewUserIssue - Urgent Warning - Your AdWords Account May Get Suspended

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Hi All,

I'm a first time Ad Words user and learning the ropes. In my first campaign I setup my site was suspended after a weekfor the following reasons:

Site Suspended

Ad policies
  • Low value content
  • Misleading or unrealistic promotions

I'm humble, apologetic, and guilty.... and took steps to fix the site.

I made changes, submitted to review, and have been waiting.

I then got the "Urgent Warning - Your AdWords Account May Get Suspended" email.

However, my site still hasn't been reviewed. (6 days now?)

I'm talking to a very friendly and nice Adwords rep from but the responses I get are more *follow ups* rather than answers. 

It's getting pretty late into the game now and I'm scared of a sudden and unannounced suspension.

Should I be worried? I am at the moment.

I'm pretty risk adverse so I'd like to just delete the site, but the email states that even if you delete the site or pause the campaign, you'll still get suspended.

" Please note that the following actions will not resolve the policy violation: pausing ads, campaigns or ad groups; deleting campaigns or ad groups; deleting ads that promote disabled sites."

The ad words rep (as helpful as she is!) isn't giving me any answers. What can I do in this situation where and if I cant raise the quality of the to the desired Google quality level?

My best case is I say to Google "oopps... I'll never promote low quality sites again!" but what i'm seeing is that Google doesn't provide this as an option. From what I can see, Google is forcing me to spend time and resources to getting a site I want to abandon to a high level of quality just so that my Google Adwords account isnt suspended.

What should I do! I'm scared of getting dinged by Google due to "Multiple Policy Violations"

Thank you!

P.S Google! Please dont ban me! :'-(  I'm a bad person! I didnt mean to! I'm new to adwords! please forgive me!

Re: NewUserIssue - Urgent Warning - Your AdWords Account May Get Suspe

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Hello Conrad,


Welcome to the AdWords Community.


Please note that, Google disallows sites that does not have  a quality content or less content on the site and are just advertised to bring more traffic to the site and make money through ads. This was earlier referred to as Arbitrage. If your site is collecting personal data then it will be dinged under Information Harvesting.


Fore more information, you can refer to this link


Google does not allow sites that promote misleading and inaccurate claims, as it may effect the user experience. If the site is suspended for any of these violations, you can make necessary changes and request Google to Re-review your site. If the site is fixed with no violations then the site will be unsuspended and so your account will be reinstated.


All the more, if the account is suspended because the Business Model itself is not allowed, then no amount of changes to the site and the ads can help.


As you are already in touch with the AdWords Rep, please wait until he reverts back with a reply or reach them again and raise a new request.


Hope this Helps.

- Prashanth Reniguntala

Re: NewUserIssue - Urgent Warning - Your AdWords Account May Get Suspe

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Hi Conrad,

Definitely delete any campaigns associated with that site as you won't be using it anymore.

Get another site that will meet the Google's guidelines going and create new campaigns for it. Spend lots of time getting that site up to a good quality level, making sure to avoid any of the issues that got you violation notice the first time. Then work on the campaigns.

You want to see if from Google's point of view (not to mention the site users too). They want their customers to have a quality experience. The customers are not only the advertisers, who may not want to be associated with an ad platform that does not stamp out spammers, to site visitors who want to go to a site and to not only get something of value but also avoid identity theft, malware, here-today and take your money and disappear tomorrow.

As a site visitor, I want to be confident that a Google ad I click on won't take me to a harmful site, or a site with misleading claims. As an advertiser, I do not want people to think twice about clicking my ads because of a bad experience with another advertiser.

NewUserIssue - Urgent Warning - Your AdWords Account May Get Suspended

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plz reactvete my acnt