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Need help using a trademark term in my ad

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   I have been reading Google Adwords trademark policy, and it mentions that I am able to use a trademark if these conditions are true. 

  • the ad text uses the term descriptively in its ordinary meaning rather than in reference to the trademark
  • the ad is not in reference to the goods or services corresponding to the trademarked term


   In my ad I am advertising Wordpress developers, so people who are looking for developers that know how to use Wordpress, comes to my website. I think my Ad is completely unrelated to Wordpress, because I am offering web development.


Below is one of my ads, what would be the best way to write it so that i can use the trademark Wordpress based on the two conditions I posted. Also I have tried contacting owner of the trademark multiple times and they didn't reply back to me. 


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Need help using a trademark term in my ad

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You probably already know that you can't use "wordpress"in your domain name, and this is no different. Wordpress themselves have addressed this and recommend that people use "WP". Change Wordpress in headline 1 to WP. Your competitors are in the same boat, so it will make no difference ultimately. 


Anyone searching for "wordpress"and seeing lots of ads with WP in them will most likely get it.