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My competitor is lying

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I'm having a heck of a time losing business to someone who is committing fraud.


He is lying about his product. 


When his ad is down. My business goes up.  When he puts his ad up, my business disappears.


He is telling the perfect lie. It's what people want to hear. But it's a lie none the less.


How can Google Adwords allow something like this?



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Re: My competitor is lying

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Hi Jack,

If anybody is not violating the adwords policies then he/she is not restricted to advertise with adwords.
Google periodically reviews the adwords accounts and can suspend any account if violating the policies.
Even you can make a complain to adwords.

If you always want to be on the top of your competitor than you mush use "Target outranking share- Flexible bid strategy".

But keep in mind that it will not always keep you on the top of competitor until you have better quality score than the competitor.

Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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Re: My competitor is lying

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As @Archit rightly explains - provided your competitor is not breaching the policies, there is little Google can do.

Do advertisers lie about their products? Er, yes....

Is it an effective long term strategy? It can be, but in most cases it is not. This is especially true today with the amount of online opinion that can be shared by users, but nevertheless, it is probably something that will go on for a while.

But this kind of activity is not something new. And businesses have to deal with it as they can.

In addition to bidding more aggressively, are you using all the extensions available? In particular, I would look to sitelinks and callout extensions to reinforce your message and also sow the seeds of doubt about your competitor. Clearly you cannot say Don't buy from Mr X - he's a liar... but you can feed the questions that people should ask - so, maybe a call out such as "Authorised by XYZ" or "10 Year Guarantee" thereby indirectly encouraging people to ask your competitor if he is authorised and offers a 10 year guarantee.

Maybe add a comparison page to your website and use sitelinks.

There are things you can do to compete. Your competitor might not be playing fair, but you can push back without resorting to lying yourself.