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My ads are not showing by google

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I have created 2 new capaigns 3 days ago but my ads are not showing up ..


Whereas other 5 campaigns are working good


please help me in the regards.




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September 2015

Re: My ads are not showing by google

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What type of campaign you have created? Search/display network


If your campaign type is search network,then you can cosider my following ideas(assuming that you have set up campaign properly)


  • Check your Ad copies status whether it is eligible/approved to run on google search network.
  • Do you have healthy Quality Score for your keywords and you have bid accordingly to place your ad on google first page result
  • It may possible when you select a specific target locaton within a country you may not able to see your ad by mannually searching on google.To check whether your ad is appearing in your specific target location the best way is

   Go to Tools and Analysis  tab > Ad Preview & Diagonosis

   And check whether you can can see your ad copies or not.


If your Campaign is running on display network type and if you have selected automatic placement then it requires miniumum seven days to get the automatic placement report,where you can get the complete list of websites where your ad is showing now and also check your ad status and bidding to ensure that your ad is runnign smoothly


Hope it helps

Best of luck