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My ads (2 problems)

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 Hey I make an ad but I set the total cost that i want to spend as £5 now its showing £64 and I have four ads that are not approved yet and I set them yesterday and before.


My Customer ID is: 946-027-6416

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Re: My ads (2 problems)

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Hello and welcome,


In order to protect your own AdWords privacy, I advise you to remove your CID from the post. Thank you!


Sometimes, when search volume of particular porduct or service is higher than regular, Google might show your ad more frequently and you might be charged 20% more than your usual daily budget but the fact is that when the invoice is generated for the month, total cost for your advertising would be equal to what daily budget you have set in your account.

Read this article for more details:-


Also make sure that you are not using some advanced settings like bid multipler or enhanced CPC, that could also lead to high costs than normal sometimes.


About your ads approval, most of the times your ad is approved within 3 business days. There was also some known issue prevailing (for approval process) for quite sometime due to technical issues. I would suggest you to wait for a while and see if the ads get approved or not.



Re: My ads (2 problems)

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Please edit this post and remove your CID for your own security.


As for your question - in what way did you set the total cost? Was is with your daily budget or your max CPC? These are two very different things.


I suspect you may have set your max CPC (cost per click) to £5 which as a result has gained lots of clicks (maybe 10-15) which has cost £64.


Do you think that could be possible?

Jack Porter-Smith
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