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My ad was disapproved on a copyright issue

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My ad, which has been running since June,  was disapproved today due to Google's opinion on the grounds  that I violated quote: "Copyrighted content: Google restricts the promotion of copyrighted content" Whaaat?


Fortunately I have a contract for this side of my software business, but I have other software that I sell based upon an exchange of e-mails, or worse still, a verbal agreement. How do I justify those copyright agreements?


What is worse that when I submit the contract for review, which of course has pricing and other private data, the automatic reply is that my case will be reviewed in 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, we are at the end of the year and my campaign has been shut down on NO evidence of my wrongdoing.


I support copyright protection wholeheartedly, but the execution of this policy is similar to the state highway patrol stopping EVERY car on the highway based on suspicion of illegal activity.


I was contacted by a Google AdWords person last week who did not even mention this risk or possibility.


Perhaps a couple of alternatives to copyright protection would be to ask for such proof prior to approving the ad, or prior contact during the ad run, asking for proof.

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Re: My ad was disapproved on a copyright issue

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Hi there;
Follow the instructions on "Trademark help for advertisers" in the following link;
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