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My ad keeps on being 'disapproved' because of a trade-mark issue.

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We are distributers of a product manufactured by a specific company ( ie trade name) and our ad has been dissaproved because of this, when we have spoken to our supplier with a request for them to complete the form to allow us to use the tradename they say they have not given permission to any of the companies coming up on google so my question is:

Why are we dissaproved when all these other companies are still showing on google?

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Re: My ad keeps on being 'disapproved' because of a trade-mark issue.

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Hi there,


There are multiple factors that determine when trademarks can be used in AdWords ads and as keywords. Along with the factors described below, these policies apply only to trademarked terms where the owner submitted a valid complaint to Google and requested that the terms be restricted in Google ad campaigns.

Trademark terms used in ad text

Google will investigate and may restrict the use of a trademark within ad text. Ads using restricted trademarks in their ad text may not be allowed to run. This policy applies worldwide.

Exceptions: Here are some cases when the policy for ad text doesn't apply in the way described above:



    • Ad campaigns targeting the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Ireland may use a trademark in ad text if the ad is in compliance with our policy on resellers and informational sites.
    • Advertisers can use a trademarked term within ad text if they are authorized, meaning that the trademark owner sent Google the necessary form allowing an advertiser's particular account to use a certain term.


  • An ad can use a trademarked term in its text if either of these conditions is true:
    • the ad text uses the term descriptively in its ordinary meaning rather than in reference to the trademark
    • the ad is not in reference to the goods or services corresponding to the trademarked term

    for more details plz read this article

Anand Vishwakarma

Re: My ad keeps on being 'disapproved' because of a trade-mark issue.

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This doesn't make sense....
If a trademark is used in the ad-text a permission was granted!
Check again with the trademark owner.
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Re: My ad keeps on being 'disapproved' because of a trade-mark issue.

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Thank you for both answers, I have after a lot of contact with Google established why our ad is constantly disapproved.

Our supplier is happy for us to use the tradename of the product after all that is what is selling the item, and we are classed as 'resellers' however apparently our landing page does not say enough about the tradename although it is in all the pictures along with the product and in large letters at the top of our landing page we have been told it needs to be used more In text form to pass the accepted percentage.

I feel this is not covered adequately in the Google policies section, no mention of this actually only that you need to seek authorisation.

Shame when Google send the disapproved email it would be helpful  for them to be more descriptive with the reason, we could have solved this weeks ago by changing our landing page.


Thank you for your advise