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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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My ad is approved AND not yet serving (issue : limited - reason is unknow)

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My ads supposed to run today until end of this month Smiley Sad 

i tried to google the reasons and solve the issue but i cannot fix it. Any one can help?

I don't have local CS team, any one can recommend? 


this is my ads : youtube.JPG

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My ad is approved AND not yet serving (issue : limited - reason is unknow)

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Hi Deirdre, 


In the status column in the attached screenshot you can see that your ad has the status "Approved (limited)". This usually means it's going to be very hard to get any views for your video. The reason for this can be that the content of the video does not satisfy the google guidelines etc. 


Solution: If you hover over the little speech bubble just above "Approved (limited)" a little popup will appear where you can read the reason for why your ad is limited. Usually there is a link to the specific Google help page as well where you can read more about your specific problem. 


If you need more help please provide the details of that popup.