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My Account Suspened Arbitrary

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Hello , Adword Support Team,

I would like to draw your attention on illegal, arbitrary and unjust series of actions taken by the adword team to my client having account with adword (i.e. [email address removed by Community Manager]).

It is my request and appeal to you that you re-activate the account with immediate effect. failing into that could result a leagal action against the Google adword.

First and Foremost Fault of Google Adword is illegal and arbitrary suspension of my client account that too without disclosing reason. (Communication from adword regarding suspension without any reason is attached here as Exhibit A ) Non disclosure of reason of suspension is clearly a wrong practice on the part of Adword.

Assuming but not accepting if there is fault on my client side on the violation of Adword Policy, it is the fault of the Google Adword Team Member only because the account was opened by Praveen a Goolge Adword Employe on 3rd of June and he has reviewed everything about the account and the website and all its policy and so many other thngs , (Call history is attached as Exhibit B) there are sufficient evidence suggesting that account was opened with following all rules and policy of google and adwords dully. subsequently there is no modification in any of the things by my client. even then the account was blocked in one and half month only. we could not make out the reason for it , if it is due to  the number which is associated with the account [phone number removed by Community Manager] which was also associated which were previously blocked by Google or were operated and managed from a same static IP, if this is the logic , then it is again faulty logic on part of Google.

Even On Repeated Attempt for knowing the reason of the suspension only the inquires were conducted , and all result were against my client, and the so called violation were never disclosed, this is complete and clear malpractice, which is not at all acceptable to us. ( Further Communication Regarding Suspension of Attached As Exhibit C - Collectively )

This is an warning , we want the account to be unblocked within no time, as the google have it self violated each tearms of principle of natural justice, even if we invoke evidence act and other indian acts , it will clear fault of Google, as
Section 103 of Indian Evidence Act States
"103. Burden of proof as to particular fact.—The burden of proof as to any particular fact lies on that person who wishes the Court to believe in its existence, unless it is provided by any law that the proof of that fact shall lie on any particular person. "

Even the Section 111 States , Act must be done in good faith

"111. Proof of good faith in transactions where one party is in relation of active confidence.—Where there is a question as to the good faith of a transaction between parties, one of whom stands to the other in a position of active confidence, the burden of proving the good faith of the transaction is on the party who is in a position of active confidence."

there is no good faith is shown up any were by the whole team, instead of Supporting or Guiding a newbie, which could be beneficial to both Google and other party, google is just taking a stand where doing business is becoming a big struggle.

i would humbly request on behalf of my client to re-activate his account with 24 Hours.
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Re: My Account Suspened Arbitrary

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Hi Sharad.
First of all, this is a peer to peer community forum. You also might want to consider concealing some of your clients personally identifiable information. You've set off some assumptions that I've unfortunately confirmed.

Nobody here can unsuspend your clients account. However, you might want to read through the AdWords policies, which you agreed to when you signed up, before submitting your clients account for a review.

In particular, I can see that you're collecting personal financial or PII without using SSL. I can see a whole bunch of user safety violations even at a cursory glance.

Don't shoot the messenger here, I don't work for Google, but before you come in here threatening legal action, you might want to have a look at the terms of service violations you are committing first. Just because you have a Google rep helping you manage the account, doesn't exclude you from playing by the rules.

I'd HIGHLY recommend reading the AdWords policies, then fixing your site, then submitting your account for review. Trust me, you're not going to get anywhere with your current demanding 24 hour unsuspension approach. Again, don't shoot the messenger. If you calm down and listen to what I'm saying, and read other posts on this community, you'll know that my advice is the best approach.

Finally, if your site/client site has been suspended for multiple or serious violations, it's likely that you will not get unsuspended at all. You need to start considering that that is a possibility.

Sorry I can't help you any further. For future reference, while I understand that you are upset, you might want to try a more friendly approach, especially when the community is full of people that are donating their own personal time and only want to help you.

Re: My Account Suspened Arbitrary

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Hi Sharad,

Your post has been edited to remove any personal information.

As Dave_Davis mentioned, you cannot have your account or website unsuspended through the Community, you will need to contact the AdWords Support team (local information here: ). An Online Specialist on the AdWords Support team will be able to access your account, and advise you on next steps.


Re: My Account Suspened Arbitrary

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Hi Dave,

My name is sharad. This is my lawyer (JM) who wrote in this community after trying to contact Good Adwords team via email, phone and chat, when he was unable to get the response for quite a long time, he used my ID to post in this group to get some some sort of response. But i do appreciate your help.

Since I was working with Google Rep on this website and account, I got the website reviewed for privacy and data concerns, also we do not take credit card information from the end user.

Please guide me - If I understood it wrong. I really appreciate your time and help onto this.

All I'm seeking is a true guidance as the purpose behind this business is honesty and ethics.

I hope you can throw some light.

Re: My Account Suspened Arbitrary

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Thank you Kathleen