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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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My Account Got Suspended!

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My account got suspended over 5 years ago.The reason? I was an arrogant, stupid, drunk.


I felt it was Google's duty to run my ads and when those ads got slapped, I would get so stupid and angry that more than once I fired off a scathing email to Google telling them they were "trying to put me out of business."

I'll not go into any more of my dealings, other than to say that I did things that would make your mother blush.


Here it is, years later and with my account still suspended (for life) However, today, I was curious about some keyword ideas and went to my Adwords account to see what would pop up in the keyword tool. I went there only to find that the tool no longer works. Makes sense if my account is suspended, why would I be using the keyword tool. However, there was a little red banner at the top stating that they wanted my latest payment information so they can upgrade my account since the credit card had expired. Of course it won't do any good, but as a loyal Google user, I updated it anyway. When the banner about upgrading my info went away, I again saw the "suspended" banner. I decided to click on the "more Information' link in the suspended area of my account and it brought me to this page. So I decided to add this info to the page for however long it may or may not appear.


I just wanted to say to everybody, that you should really try hard to PROTECT your Google account with the up most diligence. Pay attention to their terms of service and other rules. Remember, if you cause them to suspend you keep in mind this is a service. They make a lot of money from providing you this service, but do not ever feel that they need YOUR money. Because they do not. The need to protect their interests and those interests are the users of their site and supporting sites. They will suspend you fro breaking their rules and YOU are the only one really to blame in most cases.


So, believe me when I admonish you to stay on the up and up and follow their guidelines. And remember these words from someone who is now clean and sober who once believed that "Google put me out of business."




"I put me out of business."


And I did it by not following their rules. Simple as that!

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Re: My Account Got Suspended!

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Why can't you fix the website and appeal for un-suspension?
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