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Multiple domains

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I have one account today that runs campaigns for 3 different domains. Each domain target a different country.

What I now like to do is setup a new domain in same country as one of the 3 and advertise this domain togheter with the existing domains.


This new domain has much of the same content as one of the 3 other websites. Its just more specific and will look different.

I am not planing to use same keywords to advertise, keywords might be similars like one website has keywords "cheap laptop" and the other website has keywords "Free laptop" So, not the same but similar.


Is this allowed?



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September 2015

Re: Multiple domains

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I would stick to the basics of Double Serving Policy here which says that you cannot have multiple accounts for the same business. So that means you might have single business and 10 websites, you will have to accommodate all of that in one account. That' my understanding.


I would also encourage you to read the policy in details and get the understanding of what this policy is all about:


My thoughts!