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Linking Google AdWord Accounts

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I'm a grad student, working on Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). Part of the process is the create a group AdWords account, then allow access to other group members, however I am unable to accept the invitation because apparently my email address is already associated with another (personal) AdWords account. My questions is:


1. Can I link the two account together with the same email?

2. Can I cancel personal account attached to my email.


Regarding the personal account - I have started creating an AdWorda account just to see if I'm able to access keyword simulator, and other google tools for GOMC, but realized that I would need ot be an actual advertiser. Now I'm stuck in the middle of setup - (Adword is forcing me to create a campaign for company I don't have), thus there is no "Preferences" tab to cancel my account. Called Google, they refered me to the self-help page, but the FAQ's don't apply unless you're already an advetiser. 

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Re: Linking Google AdWord Accounts

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So, it looks like even if you cancel your personal account, that email address will still be associated with the canceled/deleted account, and you still won't be able to access another account.

So, either change the email of your personal account to something you don't care about first, then cancel it. OR

Better yet - Create a new gmail/google account for the shared project. At some point in the future you may want to have your own adwords account, why should you give up your login for this project? Where is it going, what's the end game? If this thing is just going to get deleted eventually, then don't attach your personal google account to that adwords account.