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Limit for Being BIAS ( Google dual nature for same adwords users )

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Hi All ,



With due respect , i would like to draw a kind attention to all the readers . I understand everyone will read this post  ,so i am pointing everyone , especially GOOGLE . We adwords users pay to google in advance to show our ads , We have invested a millions to set up our offices , salaries of employees, so many other things, Now if our ads will not show , how come we will generate business . And if something is wrong in our adwords we have a right to know about it , so that we can fix . Now issue is that , why some companies are able to run their ads and some are not . I want to know the parameter on which GOOGLE is working . It seems GOOGLE is showing their MONOPOLY in this trend . 


I followed all the polocies,disclaimer and every thing but one day i call to check why my account is under review so many time , it comes for 1 hrs and again on review  , i was bit disappointed , raised my voice ,result , they suspend my account . After several attempt  they didn,t give any answer why account is suspend . 

Is their any one who can let me know , is their any bribe which we have to give to google adwords department ,so that they unlock my account . I am ready to pay huge amount , please let me know the name and account number . Pleases help me those adwords users who are able to run their ads on google , what they have done , Please don,t give any such answer like you are following policy because website is infornt of us ,  I can see those things like LOGO and TRADEMARK , which is against the policy as per GOOGLE .



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Re: Limit for Being BIAS ( Google dual nature for same adwords users )

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Top Contributor
Hi Chris,
I'd do a search of this forum. There are literally HUNDREDS of complaints about companies JUST LIKE YOURS (Same business model). This has been covered many MANY times. I'd have a look there.

Just do a search for "tech support" in the search box above.

Re: Limit for Being BIAS ( Google dual nature for same adwords users )

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Hi Chris, Google certainly isn't a monopoly.  The simple existence of Bing Ads alone proves that and there are other advertising companies.


As for building a business that relied purely upon AdWords Ads to succeed, that's a failure of the business model, not Google's fault.  There is no need to bribe anyone, nor would anyone accept it even if it could work, all you have to do is follow the Advertising Policies and your Ads will show.


Neither is it relevant to refer to other advertisers.  There are many reasons why an Account can be suspended and not all of them are visible by the website or the Ads themselves.  Neither is there any reason to believe that Ads you see today will not be suspended tomorrow, or next month.  Worry about your own Ads, not other peoples'.



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