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Lead Aggregators/ Information Harvesting/ Unfair Competition

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The invention and patent related keywords on AdWords is dominated by Lead Aggregators/ Information Harvesters.  It is confusing so I'll do my best to explain below.


Below are the Lead Aggregator websites currently advertising on AdWords:


Here are 2 Lead Aggregator sites recently removed from AdWords:


Could somebody provide guidance or answers on the following questions:

  1. What is the AdWords policy on Lead Aggregation websites such as these?  
  2. Are cloned websites like these permitted to advertise on AdWords?

Here is a screenshot from a search today:




Since these websites have become rampant on AdWords, our lead costs have more than doubled and the return on investment has evaporated.


Everybody affiliated with these websites at one point worked together.  We are concerned that they will continue to multiply if left left alone which will drive costs to the point where AdWords is no longer viable.  The lack of response and enforcement of policy from Google is beyond frustrating.  These websites provide a shield for companies to misrepresent themselves to clients clicking the ads.


Here are some of the advertisers you'll see on these websites:

  • - "F" BBB rating
  • - Funnels all leads back to Davison
  • - Obviously trying to come off as a branch of the government
  • Invention Resources International - Phone number rings a separate company called Invents
  • Patent Services - New company with same management from a poorly reviewed BBB company called Patent Assistance Worldwide
  • - Business only open for 1 year boasting hundreds of "5 star reviews" and claiming to be the leader in the industry

The advertisers running the Lead Aggregator websites also advertise the individual sites on AdWords creating Unfair Competition and an uneven playing field.


Our goal in bringing this to light here is to hopefully create a level playing field for everybody and to allow 1 ad per company on AdWords.  


Please share any insight or help you can provide.  


Privacy Policies for and (based in South Africa) as referenced above:





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Re: Lead Aggregators/ Information Harvesting/ Unfair Competition

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Hi Need help.
Your best bet is to report these sites individually here:

Policy is complicated issue and I can assure you that these things are looked into. It does take time, sometimes an astonishingly long time, but that's because it can take ages to collect data and indeed process something like this. Remember, humans review these and there are quite a lot more than you'd imagine.

Another thing to be aware of, and you'll thank me for this, is that when you're reporting, you're limited in the number of characters that your report can be in length. Submit as tightly concise a report as you can without any fluff.

Unfortunately, that's all I can give you right now. Google don't usually follow up with reports so I understand that it can be frustrating. However, the best first step is to submit the violation (if there is indeed one) through the official channels that I mentioned above and pretty much hope for the best.

Sorry I can't offer you anything more than that.

Re: Lead Aggregators/ Information Harvesting/ Unfair Competition

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I appreciate the response. We have reported the websites in question for many months through this link:

Each time a website is taken down, a new one emerges with no penalty to any offending website. Advertisers following policy and the users of Google search are the only ones hurt while the offenders gaming the system make out like bandits.

Time unfortunately is not a luxury we have right now with lead costs soaring. Google's lack of response and enforcement of policy is thoroughly discouraging.

As a Google Certified Partner, I am shocked that this behavior is tolerated.

How much time would it take to read this post or the multiple feedback forms that we have provided and determine that the websites are in clear violation and remove them from advertising on this platform? Is this an unreasonable request?

Re: Lead Aggregators/ Information Harvesting/ Unfair Competition

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Nearly a year after this post and the same thing happened. opened a new site No penalty. No actions taken by Google at all. Advertisers are forced to cut corners and abuse policy. AdWords policies are useless. Spend enough money and they'll look the other way. It is beyond aggravating.