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Keyword Planner Keywords Disapproved

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I'm having a weird problem.  I put together a campaign in Keyword Tools using their suggestions.  Then, I tried to save it.


However, it then told me that "86 or your keywords violate our advertising policies" and won't save them.  The words are almost all medication related.


I don't get it.  These are words Google suggested to me in the first place.  I can't find any option to save the campaign minus these keywords.  I can't even figure out how to search the keywords to get rid of them.  Plus, it's only giving me "examples".


How do I fix this, please?  I'm not advertising medication, just a health service that obviously scooped up some medication keywords.

Re: Keyword Planner Keywords Disapproved

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Hi Daniel,

It's funny you get that using tools inside Adwords, but it's important to notice that the keyword tool is not entirely dedicated to Adwords. IT uses data from other services as well.

Try to download the list and upload by Adwords Editor. Usually Editor tells you reight away the reason if there's anything wrong.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click