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Just got rejected... but why??

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OK, here's my ad text...


  • Cabinet Knobs & Lots More
  • Big box prices... Mom & Pop Service
  • Remember to ask for FREE shipping

I'm not really sure why the Google Gestapo disallowed this ad. 


They cited punctuation and capitalization, but I did some checking and see a lot of the above on various ads on Google. I know that they say that ellipses are OK so that's not it. Also, I've seen a lot of ads where they capitalize the first letter of each word in the top line.


Likewise, I've also seen a lot of ampersands flying around, so that can't be it either. Maybe they didn't like "FREE" in caps, so I'll change that and see what happens, but it still doesn't explain the punctuation situation, given what I've seen allowed on Google.


BTW an earlier rendition of the ad had the second line reading: "CabinetHardwareEtc". I figured that was the reason for the rejection but now I'm now sure. Would that fly if I resubmitted it?


Playing trial &  error with a full day or two between attempts is getting a little old, so I figured I'd ask the experts here for opinions. TIA!

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Re: Just got rejected... but why??

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Edit: not sure how the bullet points found their way into my post here, but obviously they were not part of the ad copy.
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Re: Just got rejected... but why??

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Hi Michael D,


FREE is indeed excess capitalization. I'm not sure about "". The domain is shown as the Display URL, so it's really not necessary in the ad copy itself. It could be considered a punctuation problem, but I can't say for certain.


I would suggest you create a new ad without the domain name as part of the copy, with proper capitalization of Free, also create a new ad with the domain name as part of the copy (with proper capitalization of Free) and see if one or both have been approved.


Best of Luck!




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