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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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Is this common?

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So we have been working with AdWords support back and forth to get our site complient with Google's Advertising policies after having issues with transparency.  

Our adwords rep has been nothing short of amazing with us and let us know exactly what to fix on our site to become compliant.



Last thursday we recieved an email with the following:

Hello AdWords Advertiser,

Great news! We've re-reviewed your site and determined that the following site complies with our Advertising Policies:

Customer ID: (removed for privacy)
Display URL: (removed for privacy)

If any of your ads for this site have been disapproved for violations of our Advertising Policies, you can just re-save your ads to automatically submit them for approval. Here's how to edit and resubmit ads for approval:

To review our Advertising Policies, please visit



We saw this email and were overjoyed, but noticed that our account was still suspened.  Our rep on Friday sent another message to the policy team asking them to remove the suspension and we have yet to hear anything back yet.  

I'm just wondering is it normal to get a message that our site is now complient, and not have the account suspension removed at the same time?

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Re: Is this common?

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Hi bobpiesz,


I've had a similar thing happen to me with an email coming in saying we were approved again but the account had conflicting messages in it.


What I "think" happens is that it may be approved, but goes into a batch queue that gets updated periodically so may just take a little time to go through.


As long as you got the email and your rep is onto it, I think you'll be OK.



Re: Is this common?

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Thanks for the info Smiley Happy



Anyone else have a similar experince?

Re: Is this common?

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Well .. If I recall correctly ( with that many Policy issues I have answered), there were cases, that the "unsuspending" email was an error, while the site was actually in violation.

Can you share your website URL so we can have a look?

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Re: Is this common?

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My ads are up and running again and the suspension has been lifted!