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Is my competitor bribing Google Employee?

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I'm running a business in the Tech Support industry and Google has suspended my account. My website is My landing page is


The reason they have stated is "User Safety" but I have made sure that my complete website has covered every policy.


There are other competitors such as that are exactly the same or actually more misleading then us. Here is an example landing page of theirs.


I understand the "Tech Support" industry is tough but there are many websites like,, etc that run tech support ads all day every day. What is it that they are doing that we are not? Are they bribing a Google Adwords employee?


I have no idea what the difference between my website and these websites could be.


If somebody could please look at the 2 domains and let me know if they see whats wrong that would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Is my competitor bribing Google Employee?

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So your tech support lab is in a residential neighborhood? Is that the location I should carry in  my machine to be fixed? ....

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Is my competitor bribing Google Employee?

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Yes, if you were our client and wished to bring your computer in to be serviced rather then us repair it using screen sharing software then you could bring it into our office.

By the way, we are not located in a residential neighborhood. We are just off of Highland Drive in Salt Lake City which is a very busy street.

@MosheTLV - You seem to be very creditable around these discussion boards. Do you see something that our website is or isn't doing that the website is or isn't doing? Our sites are very similar. Yet, we are in violation and Google still allows them to run.

P.S. Unlike us where we accept customers to bring there machine into us for repair, is 100% Remote Support based. I know this because I know the owner and several people working there. This is more then just site violation and I'm just trying to figure out what it is.