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Is it possible my destination site was suspended (low value) accidentally (not sure what to change)?

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I sell some products on Amazon, and I use Adwords to send traffic to my listings via a landing page. I have used the same lp and site for 7 months with great results, but yesterday I found that the site was suspended for 'low value content'. My account manager suggested it might be because my site isn't 'sticky' enough (70% bounce rate), but since I am promoting my Amazon store for the most part that doesn't seem to make sense. However, the site I host these landing pages on is a small blog with only about 8 pages of content (sans the landing pages) and it hasn't been updated since I created the site.


But all the content is original and informative, there are no ads, and the landing pages feature internal links to the site's content as well as links to Amazon. My conversion rates and feedback suggest to me that people have a good experience on the landing page, so other than adding more content to the site (a lot of pointless work if that isn't the issue) I am at a loss why my site would be blocked. I also don't want to game the system by creating content just to get around this.


One thing that makes wonder if I was mistakenly flagged is that my products are skin care related and when I search my keywords in Google I see many obvious scam ads ("dr oz hollywood miracle" stuff) that use filtering technology to send Google ad compliance to a bland blog and the public to a scammy advertorial. Is it possible that Google is much quicker to flag sites in that kind of environment?


If I feel my site was mistakenly flagged, is it worth submitting it through the 'Request a site or app review' form, without making changes, to find out for sure if it is a real violation or not?



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Re: Is it possible my destination site was suspended (low value) accidentally (not sure what to chan

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Hi there;
Please share the website URL
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