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Is google going to carry on helping to kill all elephants?

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I've read on the BBC news site that Google Japan is advertising ivory products, thereby contributing to the surge in elephant slaughter in africa. Apparently there are more than 10,000 adverts relating to ivory there and google were informed on 22 feb 2013 and has so far done nothing to rectify this.


This from BBC news  .. quote  'The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says  more than 10,000 ads about ivory were running on Google's Japanese shopping  site.
The campaigners say the ads are contrary to Google’s own policies which don’t  allow the promotion of elephant or whale products. And the EIA says they are  contributing to elephant poaching across Africa.'


More than 32,000 elephants were slaughtered last year by human scum after a quick profit , i.e. an average of 87 elephants a day.


  Most of this ends up in china ( the land of the ignorant , responsible for driving so many species to the brink including tigers , sharks , elephants ) or thailand ( very similar attitude to china). Japan has decided to comply with some kind of ivory ban after it had amassed an illegal stockpile of 'Blood Ivory' and so continues to trade using up its stockpile.


Google should NOT be assisting these scumbags sell body parts of an endangered species for massive profit.

This is NOT a good public image for google.


At this rate wild elephants will be extinct in a VERY short time and Google would have played its part in the slaughter.


You are promoting the genocide of an incredible animal species.
You MUST respond and erradicate ivory adverts.


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Re: Is google going to carry on helping to kill all elephants?

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Hi Mark_D,

We are looking into this. You should hear an update soon.

Thanks for your patience while you wait,

Re: Is google going to carry on helping to kill all elephants?

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 Hi Mark_D;


While the case is being investigated by Google; let's be clear about Google's Policy:

The Policy clearly bans any advertising or promotion of products taken from endangered species. (Ivory included.)


You can read more in the following link;


How and if, ads "bypassed" / "escaped" the ad approval process and were let to appear on search result is to be investigated .

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Re: Is google going to carry on helping to kill all elephants?

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Hi Mark_D and all, 
Ads for products obtained from endangered or threatened species are not allowed on Google.  As soon as we detect ads that violate our advertising policies, we remove them.

Re: Is google going to carry on helping to kill all elephants?

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Hi Mini ,


Does that mean then that all these adverts have been removed?


There has been no response from google , apart from your assurance that you remove them when youre aware of them.


As 10,000 ads seems to be a bit of an oversight for google inc not to have noticed , surely some internal alerts should have been raised before it was discovered by others.


This must be a bit embarrasing for google. and it should know what is on its own websites .


If you're telling me those ads have been taken down then well done. I will contact the Environmental Investigation Agency to see if they've heard the news.

Re: Is google going to carry on helping to kill all elephants?

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Its been 2 weeks since my last post and Corporate Google still havent responded satisfactorily.


Has google sorted the issue?


Your cursory update was not the response I was looking for.


You have basically fobbed me of with a standard reply.


Is google now too big to care about anything other than its huge corporate gut....?


Is google going to be the FIRST internet company to be responsible for the extinction of an animal species?


You are responsible. Whilst you do nothing, Japan is trading of its own stockpile of blood ivory with the help of google.


You are facilitating trade in illegal ivory despite what japan calls it.


Its time to publicise this more widely.


Congratulations for your promotion to the league of corporate scumbags.


I will no longer use google and will encourage others to do the same.