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Is a competitor allowed to the {keyword} braces/brackets?

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Is an a 'competitor' Adwords customer allowed to the {keyword} braces/brackets to show our business name as the highlighted title for their Adwords Ad (I'm guessing that's what's happening here)?


Example :

Our Business/Company name - a few more words

Their website URL (non-local call center spam).


How can we turn on our Adwords with this spam showing our name in their ad and confusing users and potential customers?


I would like to thank anyone in advance for your advice.

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Re: Is a competitor allowed to the {keyword} braces/brackets?

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Hi elsey, welcome to the Community.


Is your business name a registered Trademark in your country of operations?  If so, you should read through the advice given here:


Help for trademark owners


If you satisfy the conditions for a complaint, you can complete the complaint form. The link is kind of buried in that previous page so it's here but please read the above page first.


Trademark complaint form




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Re: Is a competitor allowed to the {keyword} braces/brackets?

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Trademark? We are a registered company with a registered business name. 


The Adwords ad is nothing short of deceptive, with the sole purpose of deceiving users.


We've noticed that these spammers use other well known businesses' names as well.


Come on Google, clean up the results. It's bad enough that the first page of any search is spammed to death with Yelp results, even thought Yelp is nothing short of paid advertising.


Per Yelp, the more an advertiser is willing to pay the more their listing will show up in the "featured listings", and the further to the top of the results they will show in the non featured (free) listings.


The highest payer/bidder gets listed highest/first in the free (non featured) listings, and the next highest next, etc. Non paying businesses' listings are pages and pages back to make sure they are not found in searches.


Google puts local (places) results in order of perceived popularity. Yelp uses Google servers. Google erroneously considers Yelp to be a highly relevant results for local popularity.


Popularity on Yelp is bidded for, bought and paid for.


Yelp is a paid listing. Paying for Yelp to optimized your listings on Google is no worse than paying for links/backlinks, something that Google themselves says is something you shouldn't do (by the way, we don't do any linking, besides citations, to our website. We just let them happen naturally if they happen at all).


The point being, it's hard enough to get around the 7 or so Yelp results that fill the first page of every Google search results. Now we have to contend with some scammy spammers using our business names in their ads??


How can we put up Adwords ads with their ads using our business name is there confusing potential customers?