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Is Google now allowing Double Serving?

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I have reported a competitor for several violations of Google's stated policy, namely:

  • The violation is where multiple sites share common ownership
  • There are non-differentiated Brands
  • The customer experience is similar.

This company has bought several domains in an attempt to circumnavigate these points, yet with simple investigation it's easy to identify the company as being the same, the contact details being the same and the service being the same.


The AdWords supervisor carried out their investigation with no action being taken as the adverts are still running and taking the prime positions. 


Can you advise how this can be done without violating policy as I would now like to display several adverts in a single search in an effort to compete on a level playing field?

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Re: Is Google now allowing Double Serving?

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What's the response you got from google? As far as I know google always take actions against double servings but it might take some time

Re: Is Google now allowing Double Serving?

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Lies! I found the same thing, reported it, still nothing. This one scumbag was serving the same low-quality service from 3 domains selling the exact same low-quality service. I gather G shut the 3 accounts down for non-payment and within weeks, a brand new name and 3 new domains serving the same low-quality service under a new name. This low-quality service has been re-named/re-invented 3 times now! Call any of the 3 phone numbers on the 3 sites and they answer the same, with the previous name. It is funny but this is how it is in the real world too. This owner was banned from operating at an Airport and so he just changed his business name, and sent a family member in to get new permits. This continues until this day...  Not only are these "people" double and triple serving and making it unfair for everyone else, they are obviously scandalous, greedy scourges of society that need to be filtered out. It is all about quality baby. 

Slightly off-topic

Could a registered predatory child sex offender could run ads like:

Playground Equipment Assembled
Swings and Slides for Children
We deliver and assemble playground equipment

The problem is there is no quality assessment for a business's legitimacy and adherence to sometimes very strict government regulations (laws) put in place to protect the public. In many industries laws were written and signed to protect people's lives.  It is like the wild west you can sell magic potions and make unproven claims of health benefits without FDA approval! (just kidding)