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Indexing issue with current account

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The problem is that all of the product pages are not being indexed.

When I submit the page through the Fetch As Google page, it returns, "Success." However, when I click the Submit to Google button, it returns, "There was an error processing your request.," but it does not tell me what that error is.

When I view the same page in the Rich Snippet tool, everything looks fine.

So, basically, I cannot get the page indexed.

In the attached screenshot, the index for dropped off in March and suddenly the product_id query string parameter was no longer specifying a value. When I looked in Webmaster Tools, I saw that it was marked as "None" in effect. No one changed that value, so I wonder if this error caused those pages to be de-indexed. I have since changed this to "Specifies" but the crawl has not picked those pages up (presumably because this error still exists).

How can we resolve this or how can I get more information about what exactly this error is?

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September 2015

Re: Indexing issue with current account

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Hi Leonard.


I am unable to see your screenshot. From your question, I think that you are talking about Google search or are you referring to Prouduct Listing Ads?  


If you are referring to Google search there is a webmaster forum that will be better equipped to answer your question. If you are talking about PLAs we can refer your question to our support team who should be able to look in your account and see the error. 


Re: Indexing issue with current account

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Thank you Shanea,

Going to the webmaster forum.