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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension
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I still have no idea what TOS violations I had/how to find them.

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I want to run a normal PPC ad to start growing my site ( but have not been able to do so as my Adwords Account was suspended.


Originally, there was an issue because I wanted to test two different domains and made ads for both to see if there was any CTR difference. However, I didn't have any sites yet and didn't know that you weren't supposed to send traffic to a domain with no site (it makes sense why this is the case, but it didn't occur to me at the time that it would be an issue).


I have no idea what other issues there could have been (or currently are) with my website/account.


I requested an yesterday appeal asking "What is wrong and how do I fix it" but was sent back a copy/paste "Account is suspended, this is a permanent decision" email without presenting any information on the current issues.


I'd love to use/spend money on this platform, if possible, but not sure how to proceed.

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Re: I still have no idea what TOS violations I had/how to find them.

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There are few reason that Adwords system could suspend the account. It may be your account consistently break the rule like " violated our policies in a big way and put our users at risk."

Adwords policies cover broad areas as following -

Prohibited content: Content you're not allowed to promote on the Google Network
Prohibited practices: Things you can't do if you want to advertise with us
Restricted content: Content you can advertise, but with limitations
Editorial and technical: Quality standards for your ads and website

You have to need fulfill the requirements for advertising on the Google Network.

I think your practice fall into the prohibited practices according to Google Adwords policies. Likewise Ads promoting sites that offer little unique value to users and are focused primarily on traffic generation.

Re: I still have no idea what TOS violations I had/how to find them.

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Hi There;

Your site violates several key sections of the Policy (easy money, spam techniques, information harvesting...)

 This business model can be promoted on Google;


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