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I have a question about YouTube video ads?

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I am currently running several quite large budget video pre-roll ads on youtube.

My query is, are there a set of guidelines or policies for youtube advertising???


I ask because in one of our upcoming Ads we want to advertise the price of something at the end (this price comes with certain terms and conditions)

eg. Book a room from £45.95 - But this may only be on certain days for certain accommodation places....etc.


Do i have show the terms and conditions in the ad or anything, or put an astrisk beside the amount or anything??


Would just be good to know the policy and rules for YouTube advertsing in general.

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September 2015

Re: I have a question about YouTube video ads?

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Hi Blue Cube I and welcome to the Community.  YouTube Ads have to follow the same Policies that apply to all other AdWords Ads, with some additional video specific terms that are covererd by the links from this reference.


In your specific case, you must ensure that any promotional offer is accurate and available at the time the Ad is clicked - no more than 2 clicks from your landing page.  In the example you quote this would mean that I'd have to be able to click your Ad and be able in no more than 2 clicks to at least start the booking process of a room that will cost me not one penny more than £45.95; no "booking fee", no extra tax, no weekend supplement, etc.



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