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How would I report of a company hiring a click farm?

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I know of a company that has their employee's go out and click fraud their competitors in order to drive them out of business. They asked me to do it and I did so but I did a little digging and found out that this is a serious matter and would like to put a stop to it.


What do I need to do to let the right people know about this going on. I will be contacting all the companies they are doing this to in the multiple cities they are in, I believe they are in 12 or 13 different cities click frauding companies on a daily basis. Any info would be much appreciated.

Re: How would I report of a company hiring a click farm?

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HI GreatXScott


Welcome to the AdWords community forum :-)


I have found a link on the AdSense forum that gives details of how to report this kind of activity to Google-


Reporting click fraud to Google AdSense


I'm also including some pages of information about how Google combat invalid clicks, there are various detection methods in place but still, people should not be allowed to get away with this behavior, I completely agree with you!


Ad traffic quality resource centre - Guidelines and best practices for publishers


I hope this helps you, good luck! :-)


Kind regards