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How to find trademark terms before creating ads?

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Dear All,


I want to create an ad. But I have little confusion in doing that. My doubt is how to know the particular words get trademark or not? Any tool is available in online to check the trademark status?. Please suggest the way.




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September 2015

Re: How to find trademark terms before creating ads?

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hi siva,

As per my knowledge, i think there is no tool to find which word/keyword is Trademarked or not . You can create any ad don't worry about the trademark issues, your ads will run only after when they are approved by Adwords team.

Meanwhile go to this links for additional information
Trademark help for advertisers -

I hope this will help you.

Thanks and Regards

Re: How to find trademark terms before creating ads?

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In addition to the answer by John, you can run a quick search on the national website of the trademark registrant office of the country you are targeting.
Here's the one of the US trademark and patent office;

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