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How to find out why site is being suspended?

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We've taken over a Wordpress Site from previous team. Client wanted to move it to another hosting provider. We did it and the site is running fine.


The site is at <edited by a Community Manager as noted below>


Our client has a bunch of adwords campaigns/ads running for the site. There's a problem however, we keep getting emails from google that says "Ads not running due to AdWords Advertising Policies". And indeed, the entire site is suspended.


The reason indicated is "Malicious or Unwanted Software".


We went through couple of iterations fixing different things on the website that might've caused the issue.


We would always submit a request for review. Requests were accepted and the site would got unblocked.


But after some time, the site gets suspended again and we get exactly the same email.


After few iterations we got to a point where we have no idea whatsoever as to what's causing the site to be suspended over and over again.


Google's search console is not showing any issues with the site.


I found this information on the official help page:


"Even if Search Console does not identify any issues, it's still possible that your site has security issues detected by the AdWords systems. Check with your webmaster or web hosting provider to see if they can identify the problem. You may also want to visit for more information. If you still need help, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.  "


The "contact us" link leads to a form for re-submitting the page for review. We've been there, done that. The site got unlocked, everyone was happy and then a few days/weeks later we get another email (generated automatically) saying the site has been suspended again.


We're going round in circles. Google keeps suspending our website giving no explanation what the real cause is.


Can anybody help? There MUST be a detailed, specific explanation why the site keeps getting suspended. But we don't even know what to look for.

NOTE: This post has been edited by a Community Manager in order to remove a link which has the potential to put other members at risk. 
As a best practice, please do not post links to sites that are suspected of - or flagged as having - Malware or other malicious content.
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Re: How to find out why site is being suspended?

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There could be a different violation which has not been resolved;
Ask your programmer to remove any line of code which could be interpreted by the bot as malicious;
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Re: How to find out why site is being suspended?

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What kind of 'different violation' ? All we have at the moment is this information in an email:

Policy violation: "Malicious or Unwanted Software"

Google Search Console is not showing any security issues.  

If the bot classified site as unsafe, why can't it provide any details? We would gladly fix the issue but we don't know what to look at. It's a standard Wordpress site with a bunch of plugins, not much customizations was made. We've installed a security plugin and run a bunch of scans - they all passed, not showing any issues.

It's becoming increasingly frustrating. We're acting totally blind, applying some changes basing on gut feeling, submitting for review, site gets approved and then blocked again. We just don't know what to look for, there is no information whatsoever, no clues, no hints. Bot just says "it's malicious" but no details are given.

Re: How to find out why site is being suspended?

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- check any templates, plug-ins, themes, or any links
to any such remote software, that help run the website.

- check for changes to any site-wide configuration -- e.g. cron, cpanel.

- check for any links to remote sites -- especially affiliates, reviews, or ads.

- check for any demos, apps, or related downloads, on the site.

- check for any code-injection, especially based on different user-agents.

- check for any software or links to any software that
violate any of google-corporate software-principles:

- check for file intrusions -- especially in .htaccess, .php, and media files.

- check for any insecure uploads of any site files -- especially via ftp.

- consider scanning local-machines that are used to upload any site files.

- consider asking the web-hosting company for help and a security-scan.

- consider asking in the webmaster-forums security/malware discussion group:!categories/webmasters/malware--hacked-sites

depending on the issue, google may not offer specific details --
but asking again, especially via chat or phone during normal
business-hours, may help.

Re: How to find out why site is being suspended?

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Thanks for your response. Like I said, we've already went through a few iterations of fixing things and submitting site for review.

It is not clear to me why a detailed problem description cannot be given to the site owner. We would react and fix the issue immediately, if only we knew where to look. Will try talking to google via phone or chat, as suggested.