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How to Resubmit Fixed Disapproved Ads

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I fixed my disapproved Ads in the AdWords UI. How do I re-submit for approval?



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Re: How to Re-submit fixed Disapproved Ads

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Hi Emily and welcome to the Community.  The mere act of editing the Ad will effectively resubmit them for Approval, you don't need to do anything.

(In fact, Ads are never actually edited; when you edit an Ad you're actually deleting the old one and creating an entirely new one so each time you edit an Ad it goes through the Approval process as though it were new, because it is!).



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Re: How to Re-submit fixed Disapproved Ads

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I just fixed my Disapproved Ads. The reason was my display URL was different from my landing page. 



[Display URL] Inaccurate Display URL: Your display URL must accurately
reflect the URL of your website.


ex. Display:

Actual URL:


I have since corrected the display url to, however, my ads were disapproved once again, listing the same exact reason. Now in this case, simply changing the display url again won't exactly automatically resubmit the ads for an accurate review. Another measure was taken.


In this case there was a need to use the Resubmit my campaign for review link located in the display box when you place your cursor over the talk bubble that hangs over the Disapproved Ads status. The following message is then displayed:


"This ad is under review, which means it is not running anywhere. Additional investigation is required before we're able to approve or disapprove this ad. This usually takes 1-3 business days from the time you've created or edited your ad."


Hopefully this will prompt an actual review.


Re: How to Re-submit fixed Disapproved Ads

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This advice is totally untrue! I had an ad suspended today, spent ages with a Google advisor, fixed it under her review and then two hours later was told again that I had the same ad suspended for the same reason. This is time wasting and bullying by Google. 

Not once was I offered a short period of time to fix this, my ad was simply "suspended" which is a polite word for banned.


Two years ago took my site offline and after contacting them, they took over a month to put it back up! A whole month!  Meantime I kept getting pathetic apologies from an "area manager", I lost massive income and not an apology or offer of compensation.  Similar situation, no warning, no grace period to fix it, just banned! Power!  


Re: How to Re-submit fixed Disapproved Ads

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Hi Jon,

How do I resubmit a website that was disapproved?


Re: How to Resubmit Fixed Disapproved Ads

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