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How to Beat AdWords and Get Away With It: (Google Response Requested)

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Google is still not taking proactive steps to stop double serving or unfair competition.  


Here is a response from Google Headquarters on a complaint originally filed in October 2014 on the exact same matter:




To date, there has been no change to the ads running for the Patent and Invention related keywords.  Here is a screenshot from today:




All of the highlighted ads are lead aggregators with the same or similar content, same user experience and provide no value to the consumer whatsoever.  Their sole purpose to run a new auction on Google AdWords that sells leads to the highest bidder. and have the same content and are double serving.  It is at least the 4th time they have had ads double serve with no penalty at all.  After months of reporting, the site will get shut down and then they'll start with a new one.  The time and frustration to report this is astounding and Google's lack of response or action makes matters worse.


Davison (who also advertises under among other names) the first ad listed, advertises on each of the highlighted sites as well representing 83.3% of the above the page fold for AdWords.  By the way, they have been fined millions by the FTC for fraudulent advertising and have an "F" rating with the BBB as you can see here:


When you call Google to voice this concern, you get routed to a feedback form that is completely useless.  Then they offer to "help optimize" your account where guess what, they want you to work on increasing your bid and improving your CTR.


Bing does not allow these advertisers on their platform.  Bing leads, as a result, have double the return on investment compared with Google leads.  We are in the process of discontinuing advertising on Google entirely as the platform is proving to no longer provide any return on investment.  


According to Google Headquarters in response to our complaint made in October of last year, they are "Proactively and reactively monitoring AdWords to make sure no one is gaining an unfair advantage... there are serious consequences at stake..."  The only consequences we see are a worse user experience, increased cost to businesses, more business for the offending advertisers and improved revenue for Google.


I'm not sure who is worse, the unscrupulous advertisers and lead aggregators or Google themselves for being aware of the problem and refusing to take action.  


The action we are requesting is for Google to enforce their policies and shut down advertisers abusing their policies, gaming the system and creating an unfair advantage, in this case it would be to shut down the lead aggregators listed above.  They are ruining the system for everyone involved except themselves.

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Re: How to Beat AdWords and Get Away With It: (Google Response Request

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Please refrain from multiple postings on the same topic. This is a violation of the community guidelines, and Furthermore, it will not change Google's response.

Thank you.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: How to Beat AdWords and Get Away With It: (Google Response Request

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There is nothing we can do to get their attention or to get them to enforce policy. This is a new post with new information because it is getting worse daily. It is like Cancer spreading through the body. When there was one lead aggregator, it wasn't so bad. Then there became 2 and things got worse. Now there are 3 who dominate search and then multiply themselves with different URLs, different IPs, and ownership in different countries. Not to mention that the companies that advertise on their websites follow the same protocol.

With Google turning a blind eye, there is no stopping them from opening more and more accounts.

They are all low/ no value content sites resulting in a horrendous user experience.

There is a simple solution that Google refuses to address which is to enforce their policies and ban them from AdWords.

Is there something we are missing?

Re: How to Beat AdWords and Get Away With It: (Google Response Request

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@MosheTLV although you're right on that , in some cases multiple posting is the only way some community members can point on some unresolved matter.
I don't like copy / paste comments or statuses either, but sometimes it can be excepted (and this is, in my opinion such an example).