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How does it effect by Keeping Same words in Adcopy?

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Campaign name - Shoes

Adgroup name - Shoes

Keywords - shoes, "shoes", [shoes]

Adcopy :- Shoes Shoes Shoes

               Shoes shoes shoes

               shoes Shoes Shoes



I read some one trying these type of combination and it worked for him..with he getting the QS 10 for the keyword and the ads also showed up for 2-3 days but after that it got disapproved..
I would like to know does this really works?Like how it got approved at first..
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Re: How does it effect by Keeping Same words in Adcopy?

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Hello again


This is a good question, one which has an answer clearly depicted in the Policy Help Center in this article .


Just search on page for "Repetition" and expand the "See examples" link , the rule says 



The following use of repetition is not allowed in ad text:

  • Gimmicky repetition of words or phrases


The recommended practice is to have the keyword in the title of the Ad because it draws more attention, especially when the search term includes the keyword and it become written in bold.

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Re: How does it effect by Keeping Same words in Adcopy?

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Hi Gurpreet,


To the best of my knowledge, most of the times ad approval goes through the automation process and get approval instantly if there is no violation.


However, if there are some ads which need a closer look, the ads are reviewed manually by the Adwords policy specialist and then the final decision is made whether to approve or disapprove. Till then those ads are under review. Read more on ad approval here:


As far as your example is concerned above, it doesn't make any sense repeating single word again and again. Due to this it is in violation as per Google's policies because the user experience will not be good after seeing this ad. On the contrary, simple, enticing ad with strong call to action and a valid feature about your product/service will get more weightage and perform better.


My 2 cents!