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How do I stop Indian spammers from clicking on my Adwords

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I don't know how low you have to be to make someone pay to receive their spam emails. I've targeted my ads only to my local city, but obviously these spammers are using a local VPN or some sort and clicking on my Google ads to email me their services.


What the hell! Seriously a low act


Any ideas to prevent this?

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September 2015

Re: How do I stop Indian spammers from clicking on my Adwords

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Hi DannysWorkouts
I feel your pain. This is something we battle with a LOT. However, this is VERY unlikely due to the spammers clicking on your ads to get your details. They aren't actually that smart. Usually, they just scrape the web to get email addresses or buy a list of email addresses.

The best thing that you can do is ignore them. I had some success simply blocking India completely from accessing our servers. The volume went down. Unfortunately, AdWords insists that your website be accessible from all over the world if you want to be able to run ads.

What's even worse is that they've found a way around spam filters. They send out their spam from recently registered throwaway email addresses and when/if you reply to that email, they send you a reply from their "official" company email address. Essentially, they don't associate their company name or domain with the initial spam message until you show some interest in their service. What I do is, I reply to the spam, pretending that I'm interested in their service (typically, I'll say "I'm interested but only have a $10,000 per month budget for web design and SEO, can you help me with such a small budget?". This gets them to reply and as soon as I find out their name, I leave bad reviews for them everywhere I can explaining that the review is because of the spam.

Don't try to reason with them though, for some reason, Indian spammers in particular don't actually see this as spam. It's like they've got a completely different definition of the word.

Unfortunately, spam filters are pretty poor at filtering this out because they simply register a new email address that's fresh and clean and start all over again.

So, to get back to your original question, it's not the ads that are causing this, but the spammers. If your ads are set to not show in India, they're not going to be. This is definitely more of a problem for your email provider. If it's gmail/Google Apps, please mention this on the Gmail support forum. The more people we can get to complain about this, the more of an effort they will put into improving the (already pretty good, but not perfect) spam filters.

Sorry I can't help any more than that.