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How can i advertise without hire a google partner?

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Hello everybody.
I'm an advertiser and i work with google adwords about 1 year. Everything is good until 2 month ago. All my accounts was suspended , day by day. I tried contact to google adwords help center but all emails i recieved only "We periodically review accounts for security purposes and to verify billing information. As a result of this review, your account and any related accounts have been suspended, and your ads are no longer running on Google....".


What's happen? i dont do anything, my billing history very good. My spending >2.000$/month . So why's google suspended my accounts ? i read all Terms and Conditions. i see i do comply your Terms and conditions . So i think , OMG. google is killing me because my customers will kill me. They kill me because i cant advertise for them after they paid for me. They think me is a scammer (~.~)' .


So I moved all of my advertising contract for a google partner , and suddenly, All my campaigns is work without any change. My client does not fix website, all of which are kept intact . i think, maybe google is accept my ads, so i try make new account to advertise , and all my accounts is suspended , Again. hahahahahaaaaa


So i have a question. Why when i make ads . My accounts always is suspended because my account do not comply Terms and Conditions . But google partner is not ? ( my friend is working in a google partner, So he give me one client account of MCC google partner. And i setup all campaigns , not google partner). So why when i setup in an accounts of google partner, my ads never suspended and if i setup another account - my account - It's always suspended ?


Sorry because my english level is low, but i'm trying to tell you my story

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Re: How can i advertise without hire a google partner?

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It's slightly difficult to understand everything that has transpired with you but I do know that after reading this part: "so i try make new account to advertise" you most likely should have been suspended.


Please read about AdWords Double Serving Policy.


You may have had an opportunity to overcome a billing discrepancy, if that was actually the case but by opening a new account, after having a suspension, you have blatantly violated this Double Serving policy and you will now find yourself in a much more damaging and difficult situation.  One that may not ever be reversible.


Would you be able to try and explain step by step what has happened with your accounts.  The parts I'm having trouble with are when you transferred your accounts to someone else...etc.


Perhaps just a timeline of events and please include any and all email communication you have had with or received from Google.  Just please leave out any personal information (account numbers, email addresses etc...).


We can try to give you a hand here but at this point, I'm not feeling very positive about your reinstatement.






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Re: How can i advertise without hire a google partner?

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Hi Tom,

yes i know AdWords Double Serving Policy . but when i try make new ads with new account . Old account was suspended ( i have recieve an email say : This account is suspended ) . So i delete old campaigns in old account . After that i make new account so i don't think o do not comply terms and conditions .


I think its normal because when one account to try contact to google help center but still was suspended . Ofcourse i will must delete the campaigns in old account and try make new account to advertise.


Now i delete all compaigns in old account after i was send than 40 emails and 20 calls . My accounts still not unsuspended. It's alrights, I'm OK . Now i only have one customer , and i believe that account will suspended after i paid for google like other account ( When my accounts paid for google, it's suspended after 24hrs  ). You can see them :