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Hi - how do I shorten my hoplink to get my ad approved?

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I'm an affiliate advertising a product through Clickbank, but AdWords has disapproved my ads saying my Display URL is too long.

I used the hoplink generated thru my products company, tried to shorten but that didn't work either.

The hoplink Clickbank gave me is too long as well - but it's coded, does that make it acceptable, somehow, to AdWords? AdWords has a Warning about getting permanently disapproved for repeated disapprovals so I haven't tried that one yet -  

Obviously, I'm new at this! Thanks for any suggestions/help. KNewell

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September 2015

Re: Hi - how do I shorten my hoplink to get my ad approved?

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Hello KNewell and welcome,


Advertising clickbank with Adwords is certainly a very very uphill task and I am sorry to say that it hasn't been fruitful for most of the affiliates which I have encountered here on the Adwords Community forum.


Reason for this is this thread about Clickbank issue:


Still, I would encourage you to go through following 2 important links which you should know as an Affiliate advertising on Google Adwords:


What should I know as an affiliate advertiser?

What is Google's affiliate auction policy?


Hope that helps somewhere!


Re: Hi - how do I shorten my hoplink to get my ad approved?

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Sounds to me like you are putting the hop link in the display URL. You don't need to do that. You only need the domain name part in the display. So, your hop link may be


which would be longer than the 35-character limit. But all you really need to use is


I've also seen people use


You don't need to include the http part, which looks ugly for one thing and actually decreases click rates. You don't even need to include the www part although Google will reinsert it when serving ads. Display URL is somewhat of a misnomer. It should be called display domain.