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Hi My google adwords campaign has been dissaproved. its a very simple

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Hi My google ad has been dissaproved, without any notification as to why ? If I don't know whats wrong how can I fix it ? Its a very simple ad for a landscape gardener. Which makes it all the more baffling. The whole set up process is hugely complex and took me a very long time to do it. Before my ad was suspended had spent nearly £100 to generate 4 phone inquiries and every single one of them was selling me an independent google adwords campaigner management consultant. So far the whole process has taken up a disproportionate amount of my time. It has been excessively expensive, and totally unproductive. When I add to this that my add is suspended, for what I can only see is no reason whatsoever, I can only think that google adwords is one massive scam. As I am an active member of my local business and trade organization, I shall not be recommending this waste of time to any other members

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Re: Hi My google adwords campaign has been dissaproved. its a very sim

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Hi Tim,


You should have received an email telling you your ad was suspended and telling you why. Maybe your spam filter caught it.


There are many reasons for disapproval of a simple ad. Excess capitalization is one of the more frequent reasons, or if the destination is unreachable, or poor grammar. If you would post the ad copy, we may be able to figure it out.


It doesn't sound like your account has been suspended. You can just write another ad for the AdGroup.


I hate it when AdWords campaign management firms click on my ad to sell me something. They can easily find your contact info without clicking on your ad. I would not do business with anyone who does that.


But the bigger problem is that your campaign produced no business for you. That could be due to the ad copy itself, or to the keywords you have selected. If you are running your campaign with a lot of broad match keywords, run a search terms report on those keywords to see what people were actually looking for. You will probably find out you had many impressions for completely unrelated queries. Tighten up your keywords by adding phrase and exact match keywords. Try BMM instead of broad match (place a + in front of each work in the keyword phrase. Single word keywords, especially in broad match, seldom produce good results.


Best of Luck!




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