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Help me figure out why I've been suspended.. Please!

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So on Friday, I received a message from Adwords that my site had been suspended due to "User Safety". I immediately tried to figure out was wrong and ended up making a change to the website(adding the pricing) and left the landing page the same because I could not see anything that violated the policies. 


Today I received an email that my whole account has been suspended now.. Smiley Sad


I tried emailing, and calling Adwords but they can't seem to tell me what I'm doing wrong.. I've got employees who rely on me. I've got to find a solution. I don't feel like this should be very difficult because were a 100% legitimate business and have nothing to hide but I can't seem to figure it out.


Here's one of our landing pages..


Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance!

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Re: Help me figure out why I've been suspended.. Please!

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Hi Michael

When your account got suspended for "User safety" Its not about landing page only.

Step 1: Review the guidelines above and see where your website might be causing issues. Please note that your entire website needs to comply, not just the landing page from your ad.

So please review through your whole website.

Also I glanced through the website. Good that you mentioned the price but still this phrase on the landing page make me curious.

"This is 100% free diagnosis"

This may be a problem. Will see what others says.

ALso did you read well about user safety policy here ?

Once you done you can request a review here

Re: Help me figure out why I've been suspended.. Please!

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Sorry I probably confused you.. I understand that the entire website needs to comply and thats why I wen't through the main website and added what I thought might have been missing.

We thought the "This is 100% free diagnosis" would make the user experience better by being as clear as possible but we would definitely be fine with removing that if you think that's why our account was suspended.

I don't know if I'm just stupid or what, but I can not see anywhere within the safety policy that we may have went wrong.

If anybody sees something that they think may be causing this problem I would greatly appreciate your input.

Like I've said, we are a legitimate business and will do whatever it takes to get compliant but we just don't know where were not.