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Help! My google adwords account has been suspended.

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I need some help in this issue. 


I suddenly got this red warning from nowhere. it is my first time.  I called Google a few times and try to fix it. I was told three different reasons in two weeks.


The first one are the products i have to remove. After i did that, I asked for a review. Waiting for 7 days. I got another reason why the red warning sign still there. This time is my old Ad deleted ad linked to my very old website (under did not work. I explained to the customer service rep that I used to use Bigstep when i started the business 7 years ago. It was the sub-domain name, something like www.bigstep/mystorename. After 2 years, i moved to my individual website( and discontinued the Bigstep service. Bigstep was out of business, too. Now the Google customer service rep told me that in order to have my site review, i have to re-activate my Bigstep site. The problem here is I do not own that site any more and have no control of it. She said, well we cant do anything then.


My Google adwords remain suspended so far and I got another e-mail saying that one of my ad has the typo in the display URL. That is the reason my account got suspended. I fix it and resubmit for review. The ad got approval but Adwords account remains suspended. 


I do not know what to fix if i have to fix the website i do not own or operate any more. 


Please help. 

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Re: Help! My google adwords account has been suspended.

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Hello there;
The Rep you spoke with was correct. Before you can appeal for un-suspension, you must fix the site in violation, even if you have no control over the site anymore. (You either re-buy it or ask the new owner to fix). Abandoning the site or selling it, does not resolve the violatio!n
This is a firm policy by Google. You can appeal only after the site is fixed.
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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