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Hashtags in Destination URLs

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Hello all!


Does anyone know if there are any issues with using a hastag, i.e. #, in a destination URL? Another search marketer I have spoken with says they are having issues with their ads being disapproved if they use a # in their destination URL.


I want to know if this is true but I can't find anything mentioning it online.




Re: Hashtags in Destination URLs

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Hello Louise,

The only thing I found in the Adwords Help talking about an anchor is :
Each sitelink must point to different content: Links to anchors or fragment identifiers on the same page count as the same page.

And related to Adwords-Anaytics :

If your destination URL contains a hash '#' symbol (sometimes called 'anchor'), then the gclid parameter should be appended before the anchor (#) like so:

Further I could found nothing about hashtags in destination URLs.

Did they use the anchor with the right syntax?
Did they use it in the display URL?, maybe that gives a problem.
** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.

Re: Hashtags in Destination URLs

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Thank you very much.